Omega3 cures mood disorder ***NEW***


Omega3 cures mood disorder

My son Baruch is a Downs Syndrome person. He has suffered from sleep apnea for a life-time. At a group home that he entered at the age of 20, they said he had a mild depression with sudden onset. Their doctor started giving him anti-depressants and when nothing helped, graduated to more serious anti-psychotic medications.

About five years later, I took him to the Sleep Study here at the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. He was outfitted with taped-on sensors and slept badly. They said he had a severe case of oxygen deprivation during sleep, and recommended a C-PAP (see Wikipedia entry ) for him. Over the following two years, he was able to regain his strength, sleep well and recover from the panic episodes that plagued him from the inappropriate medication. However, he still did not return to his former good disposition. Not until I started him with Marvalous Omega 3. He immediately took to the supplement, and said it helped him immensely. He regained his natural good humor and has improved ever since. He is now at the age of 31 able to live in a group home and participate, even win First Prize for his energetic cleaning for Passover.