How to Build Your Site with WP


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July 23, 2012

As last week unfolded we were hit with a series of tragic events. I will write a more about that later, but for now just to say it was a very complex past few days.</P

For this newsletter, I need to clarify my goals with a statement that will cover my intention, which is meant to compliment to my other work. I want to share with my readers my experience in on-line marketing and website building, and invite your discussion and reactions. Your contributions are welcome.
Many people have a personal website, which is fun and easier than 10 years ago. With pre-fab site builders you can have your online voice up in a very short time. offers free site building options with themes created by aspiring techies, or web hobbyists, I am not exactly sure, but they offer their designs for free. You may not find one that suits you, so can choose from more ornate or functionally more complex WordPress set-ups for a yearly fee. There are may incidental charges along the way, so I like to stick to the free option whenever possible. For most pf us, it saves a lot of time in setting up your own dot-com. I struggled with MS Front Page to get my first site running back in 1999, the Gimelstar Zodiac Website. While I felt it was a true accomplishment once I succeeded, it was time consuming. This year, I took the easier option in setting up my site with WordPress using the Infusion template. View the site at I may re-upload my Gimelstar site as time allows.

With WordPress, (your website host may offer basic WordPress themes without an additional fee) you don’t need to know html, although if you want to modify the theme, it is helpful, although you can always look up a snippet or two, and have some idea as to where to place it. I chose the Suffusion theme and modified it following instructions provided by the theme maker. More modifications can be added in once the child-theme is created. Set up a child-theme and you have many more options in choosing your layout colors, etc. You may notice that I haven’t made many changes yet. I did set the theme to be compliant with most commonly used browsers, as I noticed it wasn’t rendering well in IE7. It is advisable to see how your site renders on several browsers, if you can. You may need to make changes in your work, if some browsers show paragraphs off-center, for example or the words don’t stay inside the text boarders. Sometimes you can fix it, sometimes not. I asked advice from a tech engineer who gave me a snippet to override theme specifications. I’ll share that with you if you write me at

WordPress gives you a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor, with a tool bar containing common editing options, link creators, and also provides a easy graphic uploader. There are widgets for installing sidebar items, menus, etc. So making your own website can be fun and creative, even without using FTP or knowing very much about html. Most people have a hobby or interest, a book to sell perhaps, or information and expertise to share. Website building is a creative outlet as well, so have fun and learn about web marketing.


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