Envision a Life of Freedom


If you are a smoker, you are under constant reminders that it is an unhealthy habit. Facts presented as warnings you have,too often, dismissed with a wink. They are mostly exaggerations, you surmise. Warnings increase and price per pack rise. Yet you persist. It’s a fetish, or perhaps a personal trademark. Is it a habit you have yet declined to define as suicidal?
So now you decide you have to give it up. Maybe your doctor has said it is the cause of some danger signals, indications that your health is declining. Maybe you just know that is the case, frequent coughing, lung diseases, unexplained weakness, or other symptoms of ill health.
Now is the time to act. There is in fact no time to lose. Remind yourself how this single act, quitting smoking, will reverse your health decline and return you to a brighter future. Don’t rob yourself or your family of this opportunity to extinguish this bad habit.
Clinical evidence: Doctors say smoking is the leading cause of heart disease in the US. Heart disease is the major cause of death. You may site examples of longevity in individual smokers. Hero figures in your mind’s eye. But the fact remains, the nicotine habit is a major indicator of ill-health and early death. It affects the ability of the body’s major organs to continue their work to bring oxygen to the heart, to cleanse the body of impurities and to circulate nutrients to keep you well and active.
Minor irritants such as pneumonia and prolonged coughing are just a beginning warning signals. Second-hand smoke may be killing your partners and family. Don’t be that kind of “hero” any longer. Your icons of greatness are long dead. Each day, spend some time reminding yourself of all the health hazards, the expense and the pain that smoking causes. Meditate on that for 10 or 20 minutes each morning. Until you are completely committed to changing this habit – a powerful addictive habit, you won’t be able to quit. To overcome the mind-set of smokers, you must be committed to a healthy, smoke-free future.
Reviewing your past to find the reasons you started smoking in the first place may be helpful. How has life gone since that early teenage or adolescent decision to engage in smoking? Did smoking make you a better person, a more sociable and likable person? Overcome the false impressions about the benefits of nicotine habit and you will be spurred reverse the habit and reverse the negative effects on your health. It takes a stronger, more committed person to quite than it took to start.
While addictive behaviors become embedded in your personality, they can also be weeded out. With determination you can overcome years of addictive substance abuse and nicotine habit. If life it worth living, it is worth living healthier and a healthier life leads to happiness from day to day.
The Internet has given us information and advice on every topic under the sun. New programs to heal yourself with the age-old Reiki system for example, teaches personal development and focus, and for a reasonable price you can download the video program immediately to start your work.
Likewise, a comprehensive program to overcome substance abuse from drugs, pain-killers and smoking are all available with Internet access and home video viewing. The AA plan for substance abuse is not the cure for most addicts. Stretching the AA model to fit all addictions, with techniques that get worn-out after repetition and lack of compliance, fails for many addicts. A program such as AA seems to be a good framework for working through social and personality problems related to addiction, but users may actually gain support for addiction without being exposed or led to develop to a healthy life situation. They may find adaptive ways to live with addiction, rather than overcoming their substance abuse. When the use becomes normalized, they enter the social network and that becomes a way of life. Searching outside this framework for positive transformation is more likely to lead to permanent change.